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too much [12 May 2008|09:26pm]
i really wish i actually had time myself to relax these days. between work and everything else it seems like i never get to sit back and enjoy everything.  it would be nice to be able to go to the lake at least once a month but right now that seems like it would be impossible. it seems like i never get to see anyone and when i do i'm always dead and end up going home early. i just want to be able to enjoy life and not have to worry about always doing something for someone else. i just need to get away for a while.
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you knew it would happen [25 May 2007|01:25am]
ok, it was inevitable for something like this to happen. i know it was technically against the law and all that stuff, but it was so worth it. hopefully it will stay around long enough for most of the school to see it.

i don't really know why the pictures are small like that
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[14 May 2007|09:56pm]
ok. two more days left if everything goes as planned. the only bad thing is i have a 6 page paper to write. not good for me considering it was assigned two weeks ago and i just don't feel like doing it. now don't get me wrong, i procrastinate more than anyone on earth, but this isn't something i can put off and do the night before, that just won't happen. if only i could convince myself to just go ahead and do it. then everything would be ok. but for some odd reason, i just don't see that happening. let's just pray that i will get in gear and do a little work tonight.
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[07 Mar 2007|09:44pm]
so, i'm starting to realize that i'm not really going to have a spring break. i'll be leaving sunday to go to huntsville for a baseball tournament and won't get back from that until wednesday night. even once i'm back home, depending on how we do, there's a possibility of having practice everyday once we're back. so out of the wek and a half that most people will have for a nice vacation, i might have 4 days, if i'm lucky. i guess that's the price you pay for being on a team that actually cares about what they do.
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time for the 4 month update [15 Jan 2007|06:24pm]
well well well, i didn't realize it had been 4 months since i updated this. i guess you could say everything's been going pretty good. i've got good classes this semester which should make for an enjoyable end to the school year. baseball has been beating the crap out of me. i've been sore for the past week and i think i've pulled a muscle in my calf, not fun. but only about a month of strength training and practice before games start. then all the work will be worth it. and everyone reading this should come out and watch the games, we will dominate this year. anyways, time to rest up the leg and get some food in me. maybe i'll write in here again before school is out.
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[20 Sep 2006|09:46pm]
[ mood | frustrated ]

yea, deffiently starting to regret taking hpysics instead of something a little easier. just finished the homework for it, amd got half of it wrong. the sad thing is, i have no earthly idea where i messed up. i'm hoping it's just something in the computer system that screwed up. ohh, and that makes me feel great about the test we took in there today. i have a feeling i don't have an a in that class anymore.

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[14 Sep 2006|07:33pm]
[ mood | sore ]

well, this week has probably been the most painful i can remember. deffinetly done more running and lifted more weights in 4 days than i have in the last 4 years. it has never hurt to sit down, but right now it does. but it will all be worth it in the end.. i hope. if i do 2 months of strength trainig with nothing to show for it, i will be rather pissed.

well, its time for me to hit up the advil bottle again. i could not be more happy that all i have to do tomorrow is run a mile and do sit ups. yes.

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[02 Sep 2006|11:28am]
[ mood | tired ]

well, last night was interesting to say the least. bryant got raped by central, fights after the game, most random group of people in the world, and lots of blue paint. lets start with the game which everyone was expecting to be a blowout by us. not quite. but what can you do when there are only 5 seniors on the team. it would have been nice to not get beat 50-18 but ohh well. and of course the fighting. i guess its not too big of a surprise. luckily i had already left and didn't have to deal with that stuff.
so then there was gonna be a party. and it was going to be the most random people in the world. but of course, since none of them are true partiers, we get to the field, and everyone freaks out that cops are gonna show up, so we leave. most of the people go to billy-hoes, me, darin, neilson and brandi say fuck that and go to neilson to have a nice evening sitting on the back of neiolson's truck watching kip tyner leave at odd hours of the night. all in all, not a horrible night, but could have been better id we had won and i hadn't painted my chest for no reason whatsoever. but tonight should be fun after the game considering we have the makings for another party already. hehe

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to play or not to play [23 Aug 2006|11:01pm]
[ mood | pensive ]

this is bugging the crap out of me. i can't decide if i'm gonna try-out for baseball or not. i know i have a good shot of making the team if i try out, but that would mean workouts everyday after school this semester, practice everyday 4th period and after school next semester till the season starts, and then games in every city in the state. i know it would be fun since its my senior year and i would deffinetly start if i make the team. damn, if only i had just played the last 3 years, then this would be no problem.

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[14 Aug 2006|10:29pm]
[ mood | frustrated ]

so, i don't really know why i was happy about my schedule not. its not even a week in and i'm not doing homework, of course i don't really know how to do some of it since i do have the incredible teacher, mrs donna g winn. but really, i should at least do my physics work since its easy and basically all extra credit. ok, i'm gonna set a goal for myself, at least do good enough to be exempt, thats it. at least a c in all my classes and i'll be good. lets hope i can stick to that goal.

ps, if anyone wants to do my algebra 3 work, let me know and i'll be more than happy to let you do it.

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[03 Aug 2006|04:40pm]
[ mood | tired ]

i'm saddened to say, i'm a little glad schoo'l starting back. as bad as its going to be having mrs winn at 8 in the morning, it will be nice to sleep a little later and get home earlier. and now i know my weekends will actually be free and not consumed wiht work. however, i will miss having the money coming in every week. i guess there's a downside to everyting.

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[25 Jul 2006|05:31pm]
sooo....... anyone want to buy a boat? or metal building for that matter.
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[24 Jul 2006|08:37pm]
[ mood | disappointed ]

so, i have to quit my job in two weeks. that sucks. as big of a pain its been, i've had fun with it. damn school taking up all my time and making me quit working. its not like i need this year or anything. i already know enough to get through in life. ohh well. it will be nice to not have to wake up at 6 every morning and not get home till 5 or later. i really don't want to go to school though.

just for the hech of it. http://amishdonkey.com/big-red-button.php

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damn [14 Jul 2006|05:33pm]
[ mood | thirsty ]

its already the middle of july. summers almost over. that really sucks. it doesn't even feel like summer to me right now. working every day doesn't help this. i've got to make this last month (really less than that) worth it.

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[28 Jun 2006|09:54pm]
my eyes hurt.
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[15 Jun 2006|04:34pm]
[ mood | tired ]

so, i'm about to have to starting packing to go to the beach. yay beach! boo 20 middle school boys. at least i have my own room (i think) to get away from all the crazy, stupid kids. hopefully i won't do anything that makes the headlines. but it will be very nice to get away from work. i've only been working for two weeks but its seemed like a month. but then again, this is one of 3 days that i've gotten off on time.

well, time to gather up all my clothes and stuff them in a bag. have an enjoyable weekend.

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good stuff [27 May 2006|08:09pm]
this is one of the best vacations i've had in a long time. everyone is geting along well and and having a good time. its soo nice being able to sit on the beach for hours just listening to music and relaxing. i've got to enjoy the time i have right now though cause when i get back i start woking. 7-4 monday through friday. that might be a killer but it will be very nice to have around $275 a wekk coming in. i guess we'll see. take it easy out there people.
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[23 May 2006|11:10pm]
party at the lake!!! meet at northrisge parking lot at 1:45 to head out there. call me if you need more info or directions or something
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[14 May 2006|10:07pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

well well well, week and a half of school left. which means week and a half before i go to the beach as well. could not be happier. those two thoughts are wonderful when they float around in my head. i've decided i'm going to do as little as possible this week in school, i mean there's no real reason to try and do anyting since my grades are already set for the most part.

ok, would anybody be interested in going to a get out of school party at the lake like i did last year? if so, leave comments so i can decide if i want to do it again.

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[09 May 2006|10:05pm]
[ mood | gloomy ]

what a surprise, its the night before a major paper is due and i've barely started on it. i think if it was just a little more interesting, i might have done a little more before now. but no, it just has to be on the phylum chrodata, oh joy. zoology was supposed to be an easy, fun class where you learn about monkeys and go to the zoo and stuff like that. but no, we get to do research papers on snakes and owls. at least i know that when this is over with we probably won't do anything the rest of the year.

well, i guess its time to try nad actually finish this paper. maybe i'll be done before midnight. if i'm lucky and a miracle happens.

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